National Bike Month Celebration

National Bike Month Celebration

If you didn’t already know, May is National Bike Month! We wanted to highlight some of our cycling merchant advertisers for everyone. 

Featured Programs

 In honor of National Bike Month, Huffy Bikes and Buzz Bikes are both raising their commissions to celebrate!  

Huffy Bikes

Huffy Bikes is increasing its commission rates to 10%, so join the world leader in kids and adult bikes! Did you know every 1 out of 3 bikes sold in the U.S. is a Huffy bike?  

Buzz Bikes

Buzz Bikes is also increasing its commission rates to 10%, so join the program designed to recapture the sense of freedom experienced on a child’s first bike ride! With a simple boost, Buzz empowers people of all ages and riding abilities to enjoy that freedom with every ride! 

For Recreational Cyclists


Looking for a good sale? Check out their range of awesome ebikes and products. For affiliates, Addmotor has a special sale right now: $600 off the M-340 Electric Fat Trike! Join a program and community of like-minded riders and affiliates.

Terry Bicycles

Ready to join a program that disrupts the bicycling industry!? Join a company that is designing innovative bikes, saddles, apparel, and accessories that fit mobilized women who believe their wheels are their wings.


Ready for a program that grows? Check out WoomBikes USA and their selection of bikes for kids of all ages! Designed to help children safely discover the magic of childhood on two wheels, Woombikes has several models to help children ride and grow!

For the Elite Cyclists

Looking for more elite cyclist-focused merchant advertisers? These programs are a great fit for any affiliate publishers with cycling-centric followings.


Want to travel with your bike, but don’t want to carry it around? BikeFlights has the answer. The leading bicycle shipping service and supplier of bike shipping boxes, BikeFlights helps everyone ship their cycling gear with confidence.

Club Ride Apparel

Built For the Ride & Everything After is the motto of Club Ride Apparel. They design apparel for those who look for comfort on and off the bike. Join a program that believes your life doesn’t end after the ride, and neither should your clothes.

PNW Components

Ready to ride more and spend less? Join the PNW Components program and partner with an organization that believes that the cycling industry can do better by their customers and fellow riders. With affordable and reliable products that span multiple disciplines within the cycling industry, they cater to riders of all skill sets and experience levels.


Are you wanting to help others get faster, stronger, more competitive, or just get healthy and earn a 30% commission? Check out the Reddiyo affiliate program and their custom dynamic training plans built for each rider.

How are you riding this month?

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