AvantLink Introduces new QR Code Tool

AvantLink Introduces new QR Code Tool

AvantLink is proud to release its newest tool, a QR Code Builder! This tool will allow the easy creation of QR codes that will work like standard affiliate links and provide affiliate partners with a multitude of new ways to share links.

Tool Highlights

  • Enables embedding tracking links in a QR code. They can deep-link to any webpage on a merchant advertiser’s site.
  • It will be a new ad tool so affiliate partners and merchant advertisers can find clicks and sales associated with QR codes in reports.
  • Affiliates can also attribute a Custom Tracking Code (CTC) to the QR code. This can help track the performance of a specific QR code (e.g., the user could name a CTC “Outdoor Retailer Handout” and see that in the Performance Summary by Custom Tracking Code report).
  • Merchant advertisers can also use the tool to build QR codes for an affiliate.

QR Code Suggested Uses

  • Place the QR code in images on your social media
  • Embed the QR code into your YouTube videos for users to scan
  • Tradeshow handouts with links to products, your site, and more!
  • Posters, signs, and anything else you can think of!

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