Advertising Merchant Spotlight: Aventon Rides Away on the AvantLink Platform

Advertising Merchant Spotlight: Aventon Rides Away on the AvantLink Platform

Aventon is an e-bike brand focused on making high-performance eMobility cycling attainable for everyone. They launched their AvantLink affiliate program in May 2020, shortly after pandemic lockdowns swept the world. As you can imagine, starting a new affiliate program during this time was a high risk but ultimately paid off.

Why the AvantLink Network?

Aventon believed connecting with content affiliates would allow them to reach new audiences outside standard marketing channels. Knowing AvantLink is a leader in the performance industry with content creators, they launched their program around the depth of eMobility and cycling partnership opportunities. AvantLink also makes it easy to find productive relationships because the network is very focused.

  • Currently, just under 6,000 “Content Affiliate Publishers” in network
  • Quality over Quantity is our mantra; only 30% of affiliate partners applying for the network are accepted

AvantLink’s platform makes it easy to communicate with affiliate partners, which is crucial to any program’s performance marketing success. The email tool lets program managers stay in clients’ inboxes and minds. Furthermore, content publishers in the network have access to the industry leading DataFeed Tool, making it simple for them to showcase, compare, and promote products.

  • 700,000 emails were sent in 2022 through the AvantLink platform
  • 40% of our sales come from the content publisher category

The Results

Tom Sweeney, the affiliate program manager for Aventon, says, “Content affiliates for bikes produce on a mind-blowing level, creating sales at a significant rate.” AvantLink takes pride in its exhaustive list of content affiliate publishers and has a program that you can control the efficieny of. Reach out to our AM team to learn how you can utilize them in your program!

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