iOS 17 Update

iOS 17 Update

AvantLink is committed to providing our partners updates and information regarding services that may affect business. With Apple’s iOS 17 releasing soon, we wanted to inform you how these changes apply to AvantLink services.

Apple announced iOS 17 in June 2023, which is scheduled to launch in September 2023. As part of this update, they have added more privacy controls, including a Safari setting called Link Tracking Protection. This setting removes some tracking parameters from URLs within Safari as well as links from the Mail and Messages apps. This setting is turned on by default in private browsing mode and is an option in public browsing mode.

We have conducted extensive and successful testing of iOS 17, meticulously assessing a multitude of AvantLink affiliate links across all affected applications using diverse settings. This comprehensive approach validated that both current and future affiliate links remain unaffected by the changes introduced in iOS 17.

In short, all AvantLink merchants and affiliates will not need to make any changes for the new iOS 17 privacy settings. As iOS 17 rolls out, please get in touch with our Support Team with any additional questions or concerns.

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